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    Golden Chemical Attends 2019 China Interdye

    Author:    Click:22    DateTime:2019-4-16 9:21:32

           China International Dye Industry & Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition 2019 was held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from April 10 to 12. Textile & Leather Division from Golden Chemical attended the exhibition at C171 stand.

           At this exhibition, Golden Chemical brought star products from Dow, Dowsil and XIAMETER to our potential and existing customers. We also provided one-stop supporting services for domestic auxiliary producers.

           With professional knowledge and all-round service, sales managers from Textile & Leather Division attracted both domestic customers and overseas customers from India and Pakistan to look for business opportunities with us.

            Golden Chemical’s stand was popular among attendees. During the three-day exhibition, we received thousands of domestic and overseas customers.

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