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    Golden Chemical Attends ChinaCoat 2018

    Author:    Click:99    DateTime:2018-12-7 8:56:29

    The 23rd ChinaCoat was held in Guangzhou from November 4th to 6th. The grandest exhibition brought together a large number of enterprises in the coating industry from the globe.

    As a distributor of world-famous chemical enterprises, Golden Chemical showcased many products at the exhibition, including Huntsman’s epoxy resins and curing agents, Dow Chemical’s acrylic emulsions and auxiliaries, surfactants, silicones, bactericides, ether and alcohol solvents, Tosoh’s polyurethane curing agents and Wacker’s powders. 

           Zhu Lin, General Manager of Golden Chemical, and staff of Coating & Construction division, attended the exhibition with invited technical experts from Dow Chemical to communicate with customers. Apart from existing customers having business connections with other divisions of Golden Chemical, people in the chemical circle also were attracted by our lucky draw on WeChat at the exhibition. During the three-day exhibition, the Coating & Construction division introduced our products, technologies and environmentally-friendly beliefs in a direct and in-depth way to thousands of customers who had communicated with us.  

    Si Lei, Manager of industrial coatings department, gave a lecture on Current Situation of Waterborne Industrial Coatings Market and Product Solutions, sharing current conditions in such key niche markets as engineering machinery, car accessories, coaches, steel structures and rail traffic, requirements of processes and technologies in different industries and our targeted waterborne product solutions. With the lecture welcomed by our clients, we have more confidence in further improving our technical service. 

    Let’s look forward to the ChinaCoat 2019 in Shanghai!

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