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    Golden Chemical Attends 18th ACE

    Author:    Click:138    DateTime:2018-10-19 10:44:27

           Golden Chemical’s Agro-science & Pharmacy division attended the 18th National Agrochemical Exchange Meeting & AgroChemEx (ACE) held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from the 16th to the 18th of October. The meeting also brought experts from industrial solutions department, Dow Chemical to answer customers’ questions. 

           As the distributor for Dow Chemical, Vertellus and Stepan, Golden Chemical showcased products provided by these brands, which attracted both our existing customers and potential ones. They exchanged ideas about difficulties related to formulas with our staff from Agro-science & Pharmacy division and showed strong interest in environmentally-friendly solvents, anti-rainwater auxiliaries and new EO/PO block copolymer featuring excellent flowability and easy to use.

           Thanks to the most influential platform in the global agrochemical industry, Golden Chemical has a deeper understanding on the development trend of the market and is more confident in cooperation with our customers.

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