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    Golden Chemical Attends All China Leather Exhibition

    Author:    Click:181    DateTime:2018-9-3 16:45:56

    All China Leather Exhibition was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from August 29 to 31. Golden Chemical’s Textile & Leather Division attended the exhibition at E1A stand in E5 venue. Experts from Dow Silicone offered technical guide to us at the exhibition.

    It was the second time for us to attend All China Leather Exhibition. Many customers who had contacted us by telephone came to our stand and communicated with sales managers. Advantages as well as disadvantages of products, special offers and new products were all concerns of them. Sales managers of our Textile & Leather Division answered their questions in detail.

    We introduced various products of Dow Silicone to our customers. One of the products, leather handle agent, was widely recognized by customers. Many experienced leather engineers spoke highly of it after testing the sample and feeling the handle of leather in person.

    We won trust and established expectations from a number of friends in the industry, which lays a sound foundation for our future cooperation.

    The exhibition serves as a platform that brings new solutions and insights and encourages us to move forward and make more progresses.

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