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    Golden Chemical Attends 10th Guangdong Textile Auxiliaries Industry Annual Meeting

    Author:    Click:197    DateTime:2018-8-21 10:47:58

           The 10th Guangdong Textile Auxiliaries Industry Annual Meeting concluded with fruitful results on August 19.

           The meeting was welcomed and highly-acclaimed by auxiliary manufacturers, dyeing and printing enterprises, universities and colleges, research institutes and chemical companies.

           Let’s look back on exciting moments in the meeting.


    Contents of Meeting

           1. High-tech enterprises, key colleges and universities and research institutes announced significant technological innovations and patents. Senior experts, scholars gave speeches on their insightful papers.

           2. New products and technologies for textile dyeing and printing auxiliaries were showcased and representatives from companies exchanged ideas with each other after the visit.

           Golden Chemical offers various raw materials and completed technical services and solutions to customers.

           As a partner of Dow Chemical, AkzoNobel, Solvay and other international chemical giants, Golden Chemical is dedicated to addressing technical problems, offering technical support to dyeing and printing industry with products including silicones, multiple surfactants, solvents, ethylene amine, ethanolamine, polyethylene glycol and bactericides.

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