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    Welcome Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Pulp & Paper

    Pulp & Paper

           The Pulp and Paper division was established in 2005, and it maintains cooperative relations with the East China University College Paper, Nanjing Forestry University, etc. Dedicated to pulp cooking, pulp washing, pulp processing, wet end chemicals research and supply, the Pulp and Paper division provides products and services for all types of pulp mills and paper mills. Furthermore, this division aims to cooperate with suppliers of paper chemicals, help customers optimize service, improve product quality, and enrich product diversity.

         Main products and applications

        Biocide                                                           MEA

            Papermaking                                                 ?  Fluorescent Brightener 

        Defoamer                                                       Surfactant(NP AEO PEG)

            ? Pulping /Sewage disposal/Size press            ? Deinking Agent

        Diethylenetriamine/Epichlorohydrin            Thickening agent /Dispersant    

            ? Wet strength agent                                       ? SBR latex 

    Cases for Pulp & Paper
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